Miss Cayman’s ready for ‘boot camp’

Going to World Gym is not everybody’s idea of fun but at least the men there always have a chance of seeing the current Miss Cayman working out there.

Rebecca Parchment was already a member of the gym when she won the crown last month but since winning the coveted title she’s stepped up her attendance to prepare for the Miss World contest in China. She leaves for Sanya on Tuesday.

The 25-year-old beauty is trained by World’s Errol Gayle who got into personal training by chance. After school he started out as an apprentice mechanic, fell out of love with cars so went and did a catering course and did that for nine years. Then he got into bodybuilding, highlight was coming fifth in the Jamaican championships. Personal training developed just by helping others in the gym and realising he had a passion for it. That’s when he traded pots and pans for dumbbells.

‘I really do enjoy helping people,’ Gayle said. ‘My big motivation is to get results from people who are desperate to get into shape. My biggest project right now is DJ Alex, the radio presenter and it’s my intention to get him down. He is over 300lbs right now and wants to get down to 220lbs.’

In his nine years at World Gym, the Jamaican has seen a higher level of fitness from members and many more women regularly exercising. The $500-odd a year full membership fee looks quite reasonable considering the gym is open from 5am to 10pm during the week and all classes are free. It is even less for corporate membership.

‘Rebecca has been a regular client of mine since training for Miss Cayman. We’re working towards the Miss World competition now and we’re talking about continuing after. She is one definitely into health and fitness.

‘The benefit of joining World Gym is that you can enjoy living a healthier lifestyle. We offer everything here, including aerobics, a nice cardio facility, an excellent weights facility and it’s all the latest equipment in the industry. We have good professional trainers here. We also have our own line of supplement, Apex and our own nutritionist.’

Parchment enjoys her sessions with Gayle. ‘He’s hot, sexy and bald…’ she laughs hugging him affectionately. ‘No honestly, he’s great. I’ve seen him throughout the gym and how he’s worked out other individuals and just to see how he’s transformed their bodies. He helps me in not just training but gives me tips on my eating habits and controlling my diet. I’ve seen an incredible change and will continue to work with him.’

She has been finding it difficult since winning Miss Cayman to resist all the fabulous food and drink offered at functions. ‘I say to myself: ‘I’m just going to have one drink and skip out the dessert.’ I have to be at the gym every day. He calls me in the morning to wake me up: ‘Get your butt in the gym, you have to work out today.’ And I try to cope.’

Parchment was very sporty at school in netball, basketball, softball, tennis but has little time now for recreational sport.

She will be in Sanya for four weeks preparing for the event finale on 1 December. There is training out there for all the categories, including swimwear and fitness. ‘That’s where Errol comes into play. He’s helping not only keep me in shape and looking good physically but also so that I can get out there and compete. It’s almost like a boot camp. If you win the fitness section then you’re automatically fast tracked to the finals and end up being in the top 20. Same with the swimwear which you’re graded in.

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