WB Foster’s expanding

Foster’s Food Fair IGA plans to expand the Republix Plaza location in West Bay.

The current store, which was purchased from Lewin Parsons in late 1998, will be expanded from its size of approximately 8,000 square feet to a full service supermarket encompassing approximately 28,000 square feet, states a press release.

The expansion of the store was necessitated by the growing demand for a full service supermarket in West Bay.

The store will see an expanded selection of product in all departments and the introduction of an integrated warehouse/supermarket shopping experience.

Approximately 8,000 square feet will be used to house similar products sold at Priced Right in George Town.

The expanded sq. footage will also allow for more retail space, warehousing space, expanded perishable departments (such as meat and produce) and an additional five registers bringing the total to 11. The interior is also being re-designed with a new floor plan and exciting colour scheme.

The exterior of the building will see a new main entrance to the supermarket relocating to the western portion of the newly expanded section.

With this, additions and revisions are also being made to the parking lot with the increase of more spaces and the relocation of the main drive entrance also being moved to the western portion of the parcel of land.

‘All of this new space, facilities and equipment are designed to further enhance the shopping experience of Foster’s Food Fair IGA customers. It adds up to more space, less out of stock items, and better service.’ said Woody Foster, the managing director of Foster’s Food Fair IGA.

‘We are very excited to enter into this new phase of our Republix Plaza location. This West Bay community has long needed a larger format store to accommodate the growing population of the area. Our current store, in its current capacity, is no longer able to meet this need and therefore the expansion was the correct decision to make,’ Mr. Foster said. ‘We are, as a company, committed to meeting the changing needs of our island and will continue to do what we can to serve our customers as best possible.’

Careful planning and liaison between construction teams and store management has been necessary as it is planned that the store will remain open for business as usual during all of these changes.

Construction will commence within the next three weeks and the new expanded Republix Plaza location will open to the public in mid 2008.

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