Docs can’t save arm

Limb severed in Port accident

Doctors at a Miami hospital were unable to surgically reattach a local man’s arm after it was severed in an industrial accident.

The 45-year-old Port Authority worker was injured during a 9 October incident involving a forklift at the authority’s cargo distribution centre. An investigator with the Department of Employment Relations office of Occupational Safety and Health said the worker was performing routine maintenance on the machine when its lift struck his left arm, severing it.

Port Authority Cruise Operations and Security Manager Joseph Woods said the wound was too severe to allow doctors to save the arm. He could not state when the man would be able to return to Cayman, or whether he would be able resume work as a mechanic at the port.

‘They’re just focusing on his recovery right now,’ Mr. Woods said.

Occupational Safety and Health inspector Rohan Marshall said his department would review the safety procedures the mechanic used in repairing the forklift. Mr. Marshall has said that the maintenance was scheduled and authorised by the port.

The 9 October injury was the second major accident to occur at the port’s cargo distribution centre this year.

In February, 43-year-old security guard Samuel Dofredo was struck and killed by a forklift at the centre. That accident was investigated and it was later determined that it occurred in a designated heavy equipment work zone. Questions about why Mr. Dofredo was in that work zone have never been answered.

Mr. Marshall previously said the port has taken steps to address workers’ safety at the centre since the February accident. He added that, with any port depending on its size, accidents would occur from time to time.

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