Meat market opening

A meat store exuding an authentic feeling of neighbourhood and family is opening soon in West Bay next to the Karibe Paradise Restaurant at Batabano Plaza.

KP Meats promises that customers can get fresh cuts of their choice, in the right portions, when they want them.

‘We are dedicating our efforts towards putting everything in place so that the West Bay community can enjoy the benefits of a friendly neighborhood meat store,’ said Tom Saldeba, KP Meats owner, states a press release.

‘We are making a commitment of ensuring that we sell only high-quality pork, beef and poultry. We will even make sure that fishermen’s catch of the day are made available to customers,’ Mr Saldeba added.

Should customers need assistance in making a selection, KP Meats’ knowledgeable staff will do their best to help them bring home the perfect cut of meat. Hand-cutting to meet client specifications will be at no extra charge.

According to Mr Saldeba, all their products will be reasonably priced.

‘The idea of opening the meat shop came about as a result of trying to meet the demands of the restaurant in addition to expanding our services to the community. Making fresh, affordable products available to the consumer is our primary consideration,’ he said.

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