Ebanks snags record swordfish

The happiest fisherman on the island right now must be Charles Ebanks who with one catch won the first three cash prizes in the Cayman Islands Swordfish Challenge 20 October.

Not only did he catch the biggest swordfish out of the 17 boats competing, it was the only one, which meant that he walked away with the first, second and third prizes of $5,000, $3,000 and $2,000. ‘I can buy a lot of new equipment with that,’ he said, laughing.

Ebanks, 34, was on board his 28-foot Jamaican boat Run Tings three and a half miles off South Sound when he snagged the monster fish. It took him an exhausting 35 minutes to reel it in.

‘He put up a good fight. When it finally came in I thought it was only about 100 pounds, so I was amazed when it weighed 189 pounds. It was the biggest swordfish I’ve caught but I’ve snagged a 525 pound blue marlin before.’

Ebanks and mate Curtis White were the only fishermen on the choppy waters of South Sound that night.

‘Everybody else was in North Side, Rum Point or George Town, so I guess I was in the right place at the right time.’

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