Cayman U-20s invited to train

The Cayman Islands Under-20s national team commences training sessions at the George Hicks School field every Monday and the coaches hope to see a full turn out of everyone selected.

Coach Ernie ‘Gillie’ Seymour said that it is an obligation for players to attend under FIFA rules and if they have no good explanation, they can be banned from playing for their clubs.

‘We’re not sure when the first international match is; probably in the New Year. At this stage we’re just concentrating on getting the Under-20s national team players out training. We want to profile all of them in terms of if they are still at school, if they’re studying abroad, working in a job and what’s their work schedule and things like that.

‘At least when January comes in we’ve got all that out of the way and it’ll be smooth sailing. For now, we just want to be training for one day. The season is on so they’re going to be training with their clubs and we don’t want to be taking them away from their clubs. We’re not in the international season right now, only the domestic one. So we want to meet every Monday at George Hicks right now.

‘The overseas players will be monitored with their college or clubs, wherever they’re at. If they’re not playing we’ll give them some sort of programme they can follow in the gym to keep up their fitness, that’s the main thing. When they come home they’ll have the opportunity to be looked at in training with the team with a view to final selection down the road.

‘Gabriel Godet and Dave McLaughlin are training at Vasco da Gama in Brazil. They were also members of the national team in Cuba. They’re gaining a lot of experience and what I want them to do is bring that back and share it with the other guys, let them see a higher level of training. Some of the kids here moan that we’re training them too hard, until they go abroad and see how others train.

‘This is a bonus for any local coach to produce a player for the international programme. So when they send a player to the national team, that’s kudos for them. They’ve got to encourage their players to go to the national team training.’

Cayman U-20 national football team

Training session at George Hicks School on Monday 5 November, 5.30pm


Gabriel Godet

Michael Johnson Jr.

Lorenzo Brown

Paul Brown

Mark Ebanks

James Ebanks

Denver Ebanks

Brett Mobley

Jordan Thompson

Steven Reid

James Josephs

Dan Kelly


Donald Solomon Jr

Ramon Sealy

Theron Wood

Kareem James

Abraham Frederick

Jonathan Ebanks

Tevon Levien

Craig Bodden


Dave McLaughlin

Tex Whitelocke

Andre McFarlane

Darien Montague

Mark Lopez

David Bodden Jr

Steven Evans

Desmond Brown

Alejandro Ruiz

Leonel Wood


Dexter Benliss

Andrew McFarlane

Jeval McLaughlin

Roderick Pearson


Donovan Ferron


Stephen Tatum

Michael Sanford

Contact: Gillie Seymour 321 6879, Antwan Seymour 914 1918 or Owen Dinnall 814 3224

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