Gifts From the Sea

Local artist Dora Williams’ latest exhibition, Gifts From the Sea, will be on show Saturday, 24, and Sunday, 25 November.

The exhibition, inspired by sea shells, will be on display at the Visual Arts Society’s space at the Watler House at Pedro St. James, Saturday from 5pm to 8pm and Sunday 11am to 4pm.

Some 15 paintings, on canvas and wood panels, will be on display. Medias used include oils and acrylics.

‘Since living in Cayman I have been looking closely at sea shells and small and wonderful creatures which are truly gifts from the sea.

‘I remember as a child being fascinated by the shape and the beauty of seashells,’ Dora said. ‘I admired their colours; they are somehow precious treasures. I remember the belief that if you press one to your ear you can hear the sound of the waves.’

The self-taught artist originally hails from Italy and first exhibited her work at exhibition Inspirations at the Westin, in April 2006. Since then the artist has honed her skills, attending various workshops and the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto.

Other exhibitions include Efflorescene at Full of Beans and numerous group shows, including at the National Gallery Celebration of Art, Million Dollar Run Art Show at the Morgan Gallery, Island Feva at The Gallery, Ritz Carlton and exhibitions with the Visual Arts Society.

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