Today’s Editorial November 05: Showing his true character

Minister Arden McLean has shown his true character.

And it’s good.

Mr. McLean owned up to the concern caused by the proposed Savannah Wall at a public meeting Thursday night.

He announced plans to construct a wall to stop flooding at the Savannah Gully during a session of the Legislative Assembly in September.

Naturally the announcement made headlines.

He told the crow Thursday night that the meeting held then should have been first before any announcement.

It takes a good, honest man to admit his mistakes. To do so publicly shows his true character.

It is refreshing to see a politician making such a pronouncement.

The world and indeed the Cayman Islands would be a much better place if we would all fess up to our shortcomings and be honest with each other.

Character is a set of behaviour traits that define what sort of person an individual is. It determines whether a person will effectively achieve goals, be forthright in dealing with others and will obey the laws and rules of the group.

Admitting the meeting should have been held before the pronouncement may have been one of the things that helped change the collective mind of those attending so that they now – although cautiously – support the wall.

It helped to have facts, figures and explanations, too.

So it appears we may get the Great Wall of Savannah.

As one resident at the meeting said, we in Cayman have been talking for years about what to do with the flooding at the Savannah Gully.

Government after government has thrown words at the problem, not actions.

This government – through the leadership of Mr. McLean – is actually offering solutions.

While the wall may not be the best answer in the world, at least it’s a suggestion that could work.

Now that the residents are behind the minister and the idea of a wall something may finally be done to stop flooding at the Savannah Gully.

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