Today’s Editorial November 06: Christmas gets early earlier

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

And October is barely finished.

Shoppers looking for Halloween costumes and goodies had to navigate around Christmas decorations and cards.

We thank our retailers for getting Christmas items into the stores so quickly, but we hope everyone remembers what the upcoming Christmas season is about.

While it’s better to give than to receive, remember that giving doesn’t always involve making a purchase.

The best kind of giving comes from the heart and can be done in the way of a friendly smile to someone you don’t know or going out of your way to perform some kind of kindness for another person.

Give more of your own loving presence and less of the token presents this year.

There is pleasure in enjoying material gifts, but what is remembered is the presence of the loving soul giving love generously and unconditionally to another.

As Christmas approaches we hope that negative rhetoric gets toned down and mean spiritedness disappears.

Set aside family issues and quarrels; call a truce.

It is our wish that everyone would adopt the true spirit of Christmas in the run up to the big holiday.

That spirit involves a personal feeling of gratitude for all we have been blessed with in the Cayman Islands.

If you can’t seem to get a handle on the true spirit of Christmas, there are some things you can do.

This Christmas season make the emphasis less about the presents and more about spending time with the people that you love.

Instead of sending a card with a picture of Santa skiing in the Caribbean Sea or drinking cocktails on the beach, send a spiritual card to friends and loved ones and write a brief message about how much they mean to you and why.

There are many organisations that can use helping hands during the busy holiday season. Donate your time.

Take gifts or snacks and visit the less fortunate.

Take flowers to an elderly person or make Christmas cards for children.

Gather a group of friends together and go Christmas carolling at a nursing home. In addition, leave some cookies for a struggling single parent and offer to help out with babysitting.

There is much we can do to bring the spirit of Christmas to the Cayman Islands besides blowing our budgets on the glittery trappings of Christmas.

But it has to start with each of us.

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