Lifestyles change with season

We’ve had our first winds from the North West, a usual indication in Cayman that a seasonal change is occurring, with cooler weather and rougher seas. Nature’s changing of season, though less dramatic here than the snow-swept scenes soon to be seen up north, is still worthy of our attention.

Seasonal change adjustments may include eating more warming foods, taking extra precautions for warmth or adding new variations of physical activity

A Caymanian friend once advised me of the importance of not standing in the November/December winds while damp from a shower, swim or snorkel. ‘Dry is warm’ is a principle familiar to most divers and active outdoor water enthusiasts, so this principle always comes to my mind this time of year. Stay warm and dry.

Dietary habits in the northern countries are notably affected by seasonal change. Soups and stews tend to replace the cooling salads and fruits of summer. So in Cayman, warmer foods will nourish and strengthen the body and assist in managing the increasing levels of stress and colds associated with this busy time of year.

Motivation to get up early may challenge some; daylight comes later, it’s harder to get up. There goes that early morning walk! After-work, or school, plans for activity are influenced by the shorter length of day. Motivation can dwindle as the sun sets and darkness falls.

Finding new activities that stimulate interest and enthusiasm are important. Find a friend with whom to walk/run with in the evening. Join an indoor group, class or programme. Use your in-house exercise equipment. In the Lifestyles Noodle Therapy water-programme, the stars can provide a wonderful backdrop for exercise in water.

Taking care of our health during seasonal change is a preventative measure and, with a few simple adjustments, you can ensure your own personal health and wellness during the seasons ahead.


Here is a simple and delicious soul-warming recipe, made with delicious local pumpkin and key limes.

Lifestyles Zesty Pumpkin Soup

1 pumpkin, peeled and seeded, chopped.

Half cover with water. Boil till soft. (Add sweet potato or carrot if desired to cooking pumpkin)

Mash. Use electric mixer to whip till smooth.

Add 1 can of beef consume or chicken broth.

Add salt, pepper, Pickapepper, Hell or Tabasco Sauce, Nutmeg, at least 3-4 Cayman key limes, (squeezed) and one tsp. butter.

Combine 4-5 cups finely chopped onion and celery, (add another tad of butter and a sprinkle of basil). Stir-fry till just cooked, (or microwave 7-8 minutes) till slightly crunchy. Add this to the pumpkin mixture.

Refrigerate overnight. Then warm up. Serve with garnish or lime slices

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