Watching story about baby

I have been following the story about the baby born on the airplane and I want to say one thing, I believe that the medical staff involved with this case at the George Town Hospital should be immediately fired if the argument is true that Ms Woodstock asked for medical clearance so she could fly.

They should have known better than to give it and if they did not know better, then they should have sought consultation.

I know sometimes we overlook some things, but here we are talking about the lives of a mother and an unborn child.

The flight crew is also to be blamed here as well because they had a duty to land this aircraft at the nearest airport and I don’t think that airport would have been Montego Bay.

This just seems like gross negligence on every level and I hope that in the end everyone learns from this experience.

I will be following this investigation closely to make sure justice is served in this case. I applaud the Caymanian authorities for handling this situation as a matter of urgency.

Richard Edwards– Better Life For Jamaicans Organization