Bad experience in Cayman

I recently spent two weeks on Cayman, my fourth visit, and wonder if you would be interested in my experience of the medical service on Grand Cayman.

On my last day, 16 October, I tripped in Kirk’s car park, cutting my knee and head. As there was rather a lot of blood someone kind phoned for an ambulance.

At hospital a nurse cleaned the wounds and stuck two squares on my head and knee. The next person to see me was a female who interrogated me as to the whereabouts of my credit card and grabbed it – I am not exaggerating. She had difficulty in understanding English and misspelled my name in spite of my efforts and demanded to know the date of birth of my son! She even put the incorrect date on the bill – not precisely what one expects on admission to hospital.

Eventually (they were busy) a very kind doctor saw me and verified that my abrasions were not serious, which I knew anyway.

I was then left, in total for almost two hours, in spite of the doctor asking another nurse to clean the abrasions and discharge me. He had to ask her three times when it became clear that I was going to leave (I had a plane to catch). The treatment consisted of iodine, Mercurochrome and glue.

Then came the bill.

I had asked the cost of seeing a doctor and was told $100, so I was horrified and angered when I saw this:


Emergency Level 1 fee CI$ 170

Basic A&E bed supplies CI$ 6

Ambulance Call CI$ 289

Dressing Pack Simple CI$30

Dressing Simple CI$25

I did not call the ambulance; the doctor spent seven minutes with me; 2′ x 3′ squares of gauze and 4′ x 5′ strips of sticking plaster were used with minute amounts of iodine and Mercurochrome.

What I found most obnoxious was the billing attitude of the female over my credit card. I regret that I did not get up and walk out at that point.

The Cayman Islands tourism department wants to encourage more visitors from Europe and this type of exploitation would not be appreciated by most Europeans, I assure you.

Rosemary Hood – France

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