Of docks and tails

What a shame that our valuable tourists have to attempt to walk a crooked and dangerous dock (damaged by Hurricane Dean) to get to their boat to go diving.

It is more of a shame when we find that precious money has been used to redecorate the tails of Cayman Airways planes instead.

Which do you think tourists will value more – money spent on painting tails, or money spent making the dock safe?

The South Sound dock is the only way that most of the dive boats in Grand Cayman can get their guests to the boats for diving when the weather is bad all winter long.

The alternate dock at the south sound cemetery has never been rebuilt after Hurricane Ivan (in 2004).

Our diving tourists spend a lot of money to come to Cayman and dive, but what is spent for them? Virtually nothing.

What do they get for their room taxes? A painted tail. The decision to spend money on the tail instead of the dock was made by our elected leaders and paid professionals. What a shame that they are so out of touch with the people for whom they work.

Cathy Church

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