Today’s Editorial November 14: Enjoy our culture, traditions

Now that the pirates have landed and parade floats put away for another year, it’s time to enjoy the calmer side of Pirates Week.

Heritage District Days were kicked off Monday when North Side drew thousands to the public beach at Kaibo.

If you attended either North Side Day Monday or Bodden Town’s yesterday, we encourage you to take in even more.

George Town’s day is today, East End Thursday, West Bay Friday and Savannah/Newlands and Cayman Brac both are Saturday.

While we are one country, each district is unique.

You can hear it in the dialect of the spoken word and taste it in the sampling of turtle, conch, whelks and lobster from each district.

For the veteran of district days it’s easy to tell which turtle was made by an East Ender and which came from the pot of a West Bayer.

The same is true of heavy cake, fish tea rundown and more.

There are even subtle differences in the way thatching is done in each district.

A unique opportunity also exists at all district days this year – the chance to register to vote if you are eligible.

There will be a referendum on Cayman’s new constitution in 2008 and you can’t vote unless you’re registered. Registration must be done by the end of December this year.

If you are already registered, but have changed your physical address, name or occupation since your last registration, you need to notify the Elections Office to update your details. This can easily be done at Heritage Days.

The Elections Office personnel realise that many of us were forced out of our homes because of Hurricane Ivan in 2004 and many haven’t thought to update their information.

Registering or updating information at district days will be a lot easier than trying to manipulate George Town traffic to get the task done, especially as Christmas approaches.

Even if you aren’t eligible to register to vote, make sure to get out to the district days as much as you can this year.

If the even at North Side on Monday is any indication, the other district days will be filled with fun and friends.

Don’t miss out.

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