Kudos, boo-hisses

Kudos to all who put together and contributed to the Taste of Cayman.

Always a good event, it was in many ways the best ever; the venue being a big part of it.

Kudos to Government and the Port Authority (and whoever else) for building that wonderful Royal Watler Terminal. What a great place for large numbers of tourists and locals. I hope we get to attend many more events there.

Kudos to everyone involved in Special Olympics Cayman Islands and to the athletes for a job well done and for CITN’s coverage, helping us to know the athletes and be a part of it such an uplifting event. I’m looking forward to their hour special on the whole thing.

And a big boo-hiss to the neighbours of the Rugby Club on South Sound, for deeming a beautifully constructed, fenced playground a nuisance, and complaining to cause its dismantling. Perhaps it is your attitude toward other people’s children that is a nuisance to the rest of us.

Sara Mackay

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