Flat tyre leads to littering charge

Two men who admitted taking a car to the dykes, but not dumping it there, have had a February date set for trial on a charge of littering.

Rupert Armstrong, 61, and Terence Rodman, 35, appeared in Summary Court last Wednesday before Magistrate Nova Hall.

The men said they did not have an attorney, but were ready to enter their pleas.

The charges state that between January 2007 and 18 June 2007, they left an Oldsmobile Cutlass in a public place causing defacement by litter at the dykes in Barkers, West Bay.

Both men replied that they were guilty of taking the car there, but not littering. Both are residents of West Bay.

Rodman told the court that he had a car at the time, but had a chance to get the Olds for Armstrong. He said it was a good car, but it wasn’t insured, so they took it to the dykes for a test run.

There they got a puncture in one of the tyres. They took the wheel off and got it to a gas station, where they learned that it could not be fixed.

That meant getting another tyre. By the time they went back to the Olds with the wheel fixed, somebody had tried to take off the other wheels. That meant they had to try to get three more wheels.

Then they tried to get a wrecker to remove the vehicle. But the wrecker people said they couldn’t move it without wheels.

Meanwhile, the men were charged.

The magistrate said she would have to research the law to see if lack of intent would be a factor in the offence. She set the matter for trial on 18 February 2008.

The 1997 Revision of the Litter Law makes it an offence to throw down, drop, or otherwise deposit and leave any litter in a public place.

Anyone guilty of such an offence is liable to a fine of $500 or imprisonment for six months.

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