Latinos battered Bodden Town 7-0 at East End

It was goals galore when top team Latinos used experience to batter the young Bodden Town team, 7-0, in the 2007-2008 Fosters CIFA National League competition last Saturday at the East End playing field.

In the second game of the afternoon Tigers whipped Elite 4-1.

Lenden Carter started the ball rolling in the 8th minute for Latinos after the youngsters lost it in the defence line and experience took the game from them.

Alfredo Challenger was next on the score sheet in the 13th minute. Prolific goal scorer Allean Grant scored the third goal after misplacing two goals and netted in the 20th minute. Victor Chicas did his damage in the 25th as the youngsters grappled to hold their own ending the first half 4-0 in favor of Latinos.

Bodden Town made a substitution introducing Abraham Fredericks in the forward line up, he tried desperately to penetrate the goal of the winners but his efforts were useless as Ayala Wilmer and Michael Grant were like a wall in the defence line of Latinos.

Latinos made three substitutions and in the 51st and 64th minute were ahead of their opponents with six clear goal when Nemroy Forbes took his double.

In the 75th minute Allean Grant netted his second to complete his double ending the game 7-0.

The second game between Tigers and Elite was very interesting as both teams battled to a 0-0 sore line up until the 42nd minute when Morris Borden broke the drought and netted a spectacular goal to end the first interval 1-0.

In the second half both teams came out quite defensive but in the 55th minute Dabson Dias placed a penalty shot successfully at the back of the net after his team mate was fouled in the eighteen yard box.

Elite took over the game following that and made several advances to goal but did not capitalize on their chances. In the 75th and 77th minute Carlos Povery scored his double but Jairo Sanchez managed to score a consolation goal for Elite in the 87th minute to end the game 4-1 in favor of Tigers.

Meanwhile at the Northside playfield Sunset and Future played to a stalemate in the lone game of the (CIFA) Simon Robshaw-Caytech Women’s League competition played last Saturday at the Northside playing field.

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