Superfit Scott ran 15 miles before 10k

Scott Brittain must be one of the fastest – and fittest – men in Grand Cayman. The 31-year-old Aussie has only been here a couple of months but is already well known for his fast runs.

He won a two mile fun run in blistering pace two weeks ago and on Sunday he breezed the Pirates Week Out to Hell and Back 10k. And that was on the back of a 15 mile training run earlier.

The 10k started beside the entrance to Governor’s Beach and took the 100-odd runners all the way to the turnaround at the Devil’s Hangout in Hell Road. The race started at 7am and Brittain finished a good minute ahead of his rivals in 38 minutes 58 seconds. The 15 mile run was part of his preparation for the marathon on 2 December which meant he did most of the 26.2 marathon distance before most people had stirred out of their beds.

Despite all that mileage, Brittain, admitted his mortality. ‘They’re not getting any easier. When I was given notice that I had a bit of a lead I was glad I didn’t have to hurt myself in the latter part of the race. I wasn’t really looking at the time today, just wanted to get some miles in my legs. Doing the 15 miles plus the 10k was perfect training for the marathon. My best marathon time is 2 hours 31 minutes but I was doing much more mileage when I did that. I’m a bit more casual in Cayman, you know, having too much late nights and good times with mates instead of getting out and running early in the morning.’ Sporting a very dodgy moustache for Movember, he is a budding Merv Hughes, the Aussie cricketer with the bushiest ‘tache the world has ever seen. ‘This is coming off at the end of November!’

It seems that only a swarm of Kenyans will beat him for the marathon. ‘I hope they don’t arrive!’

First woman home was Emily Davies who finished in 45 minutes and 30 seconds. She was eleventh overall. ‘I used to do a lot of running and I’ve only just started getting back into it. I’ll probably be in a family team for the marathon with my dad, brother and one other person and we do the whole event together.’

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