Academy wins Fosters National League game

Academy came from behind to clip Roma 2-1 last Sunday at the East End playing field in the Foster’s CIFA National League competition while East End did likewise to Future Kids in the feature game at that same venue.

Amar Mundele drew first blood in the 39th minute of the game for Roma who came out with good intentions. As the game progressed Academy held their own playing defensively to end the first interval 1-0.

At the start of the second half the Winston Chung Fah coached team took over the game from a tired Roma who in order to keep the Academy team at bay started to make some mistakes.

Academy capitalized on the situation and took full control of the game attacking from all directions sending Goalkeeper Sammy Morrison into extra drive.

The game became a ding dong battle and one of the Roma defender handled the ball in the eighteen yards box resulting in a penalty been rewarded. This was taken successfully by Jermaine Seymour in the 86th minute bringing the score to 1-1.

Two minutes later Seymour found the clincher when he followed through on a goalkeeper error after the defence line was caught flatfooted. The game ended 2-1.

In the feature game between East End and Future it was East End that stole the show in the first half as the obviously physically fit Eastenders controlled the ball from the get go.

As the game climaxed towards the end of the first interval East End a foul was committed in the eighteen yards box and a penalty was awarded by man in the middle Mitchell St Clair. This was taken by Bryan Lewis ending the first half 1-0 in favor of East End.

Future rebounded and in the second half and played a different game at the start of the second half but this was dismantled by the East End players and the middle became open. Lewis penetrated the defence line and caught the defenders napping. With only the Goal keeper to beat he lobbed the ball over the head of Miguel Pitter in the 68th minute.

However in the 77th minute Future’s Donavan Ferron made a run for it and pulled back one. The game ended 2-1.

Meanwhile, Scholars and Sunset drew 0-0 at the Northside playing field.

The Cayman Island Football Association (CIFA) Simon Robshaw-Caytech Women’s League game between Elite and Latinos was not played as most of the girls were off the island on national duties.

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