WRC centre celebrates 10 years

The Women’s Resource Centre celebrated 10 years of service to the Cayman Islands last Wednesday.

WRC centre

Guests, from left, Carolina Ferreira, left, Brenda Dawkins, Merta Day and Vanda Powery enjoy the celebrations
Photo: Jewel Levy

At the Marriot Grand Cayman Marriott Resort, volunteers, partners, guests and staff of the resource centre gathered in support of the organization that has done a lot to empower the women of these islands.

The WRC works to improve the lives of women through workshops addressing such topics as breaking the silence, domestic violence, assertiveness training and paint to empower.

Visiting guest speaker Melissa McNeil-Barrett from the United National Population Fund Caribbean Office stressed the need to deepen the involvement with men, since they play an important role as fathers, grandfathers, sons and more.

Both Ms Barrett and Communications Minister Arden McLean noted that women have come a long way in these islands. From being stay-at-home wives and mothers who twisted rope and cleaned the house, to women holding the title of Speaker of the House in the Legislative Assembly.

Mr. McLean congratulated the Women’s Resource Centre on behalf of Health Minster Anthony Eden for its achievements throughout the years.

In his message Mr. Eden said although a gender affairs office had been granted by Cabinet it would in no way take away from the work that they were doing at the resource centre but will build upon the strong foundation they have established.

‘The key objectives of the Office of Gender Affairs will be to review the national policy on Gender Equity and Equality and its proposed implementation plan, and to promote and support the mainstreaming of a gender equality perspective in all areas of Government.’

During the course of the evening, appreciation certificates were presented to partners, agencies and supporters. Guest also enjoyed a number of performances from John Gray High School students, Barnes Dance Academy Limited, and a video presentation about the centre.

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