New kids enjoyed equestrian fun

Cayman’s equestrian kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves in another competitive afternoon on horseback on Saturday.

The Cayman Islands Equestrian Federation held its penultimate national show at the Equestrian Centre on the Linford Pierson Highway. Sixteen youngsters competed but only one of them was a boy, Joe Jackson. He came third in the Under-16 equitation event. Coached by centre owner Mary McTaggart, competitors were judged first on grooming and handling before pitting their skills against each other in an equitation event which included jumps. Show steward Jane van der Bol said: ‘We had a very successful show with more riders involved than before. We had new handlers in the turn out class that have never entered a show before, like Polly Serrell and Georgina Stockard. They really enjoyed this class and I’m sure we’ll see them in the ring at the next show.’

The turn out class is judged on the grooming of the horse. The judge looks for a healthy shiny coat, clean face and ears, no dirt under the belly or between the legs and that the handler is presenting their horse properly.

The cross rails class gives young riders a chance to gain experience jumping a course, and for the more advanced riders to warm up their horses for bigger jumps. Sarah Fawkes was the only newcomer in cross rails. She was very excited to show her new skills at jumping and did well. There were eight entries but only four riders made it around the course, one of them was Fawkes.

In the gymkhana, Cari Nelson entered the cup collecting and bending classes in her first show. Van der Bol said: ‘Cari was a great help throughout the show handing out rosettes to the winners of each class and being involved. Many of the children also participated in walk, trot, trot, lead and the more advanced version, walk, trot, canter, lead and the final gymkhana of the day was the obstacle course.’

As a treat for the children, the instructor, Aileen Palmer, set up an apple bobbing race where they ride to a handler who takes their horse, they jump off and bob for an apple and then run to their horse and take it from the handler and then lead their horse as fast as they can to the finish line. All the children participated and it was a nice way to cool off at the end of a show on a blazing hot day.

One of the day’s top riders was Van der Bol’s daughter Ashley Scaletta, 12, who won the turn out class and got two other seconds on Rambo. Charlotte Hinds, 11, also had a good day, winning the equitation advanced event just ahead of Scaletta.

The final national show is on 15 December and from that the year’s national champions will be determined.



1 – Ashley Scaletta with Rambo

2 – Katie Kater with Posh

3 – Polly Serrell with Sprite

4 – Charlotte Hinds with Thunder

5 – Danielle Tomkins with Ashes

6 – Natasha Locke with Trigger


1 – Stephanie Wigney with Sporty

2 – Ashley Scaletta with Rambo

3 – Charlotte Hinds with Posh

4 – Sarah Fawkes with Thunder


1 – Stephanie Wigney with Sporty

2 – Sarah Fawkes with Thunder

3 – Tiana Kernohan with Trigger

4 – Isabelle Smith with Charm

5 – Georgina Stockard with Jelly


1 – Charlotte Hinds with Posh

2 – Ashley Scaletta with Rambo


1 – Alex Kennett on Apache

2 – Jamie-Lauren McTaggart on Iggy Pop

3 – Joe Jackson on Monsieur

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