Bank card statements in mix up

A human error at a bank in Grand Cayman resulted in some customers getting mixed up credit card statements last week.

Managing Director of Scotiabank & Trust (Cayman) Ltd. Freddy Sulliman said it was a human error by the person filing the statements.

In two-page customer statements sent out by the bank last week, customers were sent one page of their own statement and one of someone else’s.

The mistake pertained to about 200 customers, said Mr. Sulliman, but he added that most customers were contacted by the bank about the mistake before they had opened their statement.

The statements were sent out on Wednesday of last week, 14 November, and the next day, Thursday afternoon, the bank received a call from one customer who had received a mixed up statement. On Friday morning another call came in from a customer, the mistake was realised, and immediately the bank reacted and contacted all customers. ‘On Friday all our customers had been contacted,’ said Mr. Sulliman.

He noted that in the majority of cases the bank contacted the customer before they had even received or opened their statement. The bank asked customers not to open the statement if it was still unopened because of confidentiality issues.

The bank initially asked customers to return the statements but now it is in the process of collecting them, Mr. Sulliman said.

Very few people have asked for a replacement card, he said, but if someone does want one the process will be expedited. ‘We’ll get it into their hands as quickly as we possibly can. It has the attention of all my senior staff,’ said Mr. Sulliman.

He said that customers, for the most part, were very understanding of the situation.

The bank has also sent out letters of apology to its customers, he said, and has notified the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority of the error.

‘It’s human error,’ he said, ‘and sometimes that happens. We had to take every necessary action to deal with it.’

The bank has now sent out the correct statements to customers, he said.

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