Alphasoft offers professional training

Alphasoft Ltd. has recently been offering professional certification courses and complimentary IT-related presentations to the public.

Marriott Beach Resort

Alphasoft held a com-plimentary day-long Mi-crosoft Tech Day at the Marriott Beach Resort on Thursday 1 November. Pictured from left are Louis Souchet, Sean Slattery Vicky Wheaton, Armando Santana and Juan Carlos Mejia.
Photo: Basia Pioro

This is in an effort to bring training to those who find it costly or inconvenient to travel. The new programme has been spearheaded by Senior Systems Engineer, Sean Slattery, who recognised the need for informative talks given by experts in their fields.

Oftentimes there may be a number of staff in a firm that would like to be updated on the latest technology, but budgets and staffing constraints dictate that only one or two members can attend overseas events. By bringing the presenters here, it means the maximum number of people can benefit at minimum inconvenience to their employers.

At the end of 2006, representatives of HP visited Grand Cayman for a presentation on storage and the new Blades Servers. Alphasoft shipped in Blades so that those who attended their event could enjoy some hands-on workshop time. The benefits of being able to ask questions of the presenters while having the equipment physically available were positively commented upon by everyone.

Before the end of the year, Alphasoft also held a McAfee security presentation at the Marriott Grand Cayman Beach Resort. Any company or private individual is aware of the importance of security, especially with the constant threat of sensitive data breaches ever present. McAfee is a company at the top of its game – its anti-virus software recognised as arguably the best on the market. Mr. Slattery’s experience with this incredibly effective product, coupled with the talk given by McAfee representatives flown down specifically for this event, made it a vitally important presentation to attend. Enough interest was generated to warrant a second scheduled event, which was held in April.

In March 2007, a Citrix Certified Administrator (presentation server) Course was taught by expert instructor Charlie Messemer, an authority on the subject.

“The Citrix training that I provide at Unitek is very different from the typical Citrix training, as I have developed my own slides and handouts to explain key technical concepts and avoid common misconceptions. I have customized the tracks into combo courses to give the student the best overall set of skills according to Citrix “best practices,’ said Charlie Messemer, Unitek Citrix Instructor.

The course was held over five days at the Marriott Beach Resort and was considered to be a great success by those who attended.