Quick and healthy lunches

Since last Thursday’s column, ‘Plan ahead for lunchtime’ got such positive feedback, let’s take eating lunch a step further and address where to go to find a healthy and quick lunch.

The deli and salad bar selections at all of our fine supermarkets do much to relieve the pressure of where to buy lunch. Hot and cold options are displayed in colourful and convenient pick-up. Kirk’s makes wonderful deli sandwiches and Foster’s salad/fruit bar is full of wonderful options. The deli at Hurley’s provides some excellent gourmet options.

Savvy shoppers who are adept at time management can also take this opportunity to pick up a necessary household item or dinner fare. It’s two-for-one shopping – buying lunch and eliminating the need to come back later.

Other quick lunches are easily obtained at the Fort Street Market downtown, where the discerning health-minded must zone in on healthier options amidst the grand temptations that present themselves daily.

Keep in mind that the bread portions for sandwiches and baguettes are fairly large. Amidst the higher fat international cuisine options are many healthy choices.

Hats off to the deli and salad bars of all our supermarkets and to the Fort Street Market.

Lifestyle tips for healthier choices at the deli and salad bar:

– For the weight conscious, choose a smaller take-away container for portion control.

– Decide what your body needs, hot food or cold food, and look through the options before beginning to pick up food.

– Decide what to leave out.

– Balance your meal by choosing a source of protein, vegetables and a small amount of carbohydrate. Add a bottle of water.

– Avoid dishes with unknown amounts of fats and cheeses (mashed potatoes, creamy soups) and high fat dishes (macaroni & cheese).

– Check the salad dressing label for calories and use moderately.

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