Today’s Editorial November 30: Hurricane season just a memory

Let’s all breath a collective sigh of relief.

We’ve made it through another hurricane season relatively unscathed.

Hurricane Dean posed a threat early on in August, but by the time if skirted south of Grand Cayman it had left us with little rain, a lot of salt and brown bushes.

Some of our piers and docks sustained damage and we’re still waiting for Government to fix many of those.

But by far we were once again blessed this hurricane season.

Our neighbours didn’t fair so well.

The 14 tropical storms that formed in the Atlantic this season killed more than 200 people in Martinique, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Nicaragua and Mexico and caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to often impoverished and vulnerable communities throughout the region.

In Mexico more than 800,000 were left homeless at the end of last month when a rain-swollen river burst its banks leaving four-fifths of Tabasco state under water.

Rains washed many roads away in Jamaica and flooded sugar fields in Cuba.

At one point during the hurricane season every country in the Caribbean was under hurricane alert.

Many of us know of friends, family or acquaintances who are still recovering from this year’s storms.

And if you look closely around Grand Cayman you will see that some groups are still collecting food and clothing to send to the areas hardest hit.

We have entered the season of giving and goodwill, so now is a perfect time to donate to these worthy causes if you haven’t already done so.

It’s also not a time to let down your guard, either.

Hurricanes have been known to spring up in our region in December, so be sure to keep your hurricane supplies on hand.

And those of us who have been in the Cayman Islands for any length of time know that with December comes our Christmas breezes; winds from the northeast.

Sometimes even Christmas breeze can cause minor flooding and some wind damage.

As you go about planning your holidays, shopping and fellowshipping with one another, remember to be thankful that Hurricane Season 2007 has come and gone with little impact on the Cayman Islands.

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