Be present, attentive, courteous

As decadent December approaches, it’s a time to look back on the voyage of the past year and smile.

Instead I’m finding myself counting traffic poles on the by-pass southbound in from the Camana Bay roundabout. I pass the ninth pole and a feeling of disbelief and frustration overwhelms me.

Where there was once a portion of the remains of a white CRV being used as a vase for floral tributes, there now are respects in honour of a remarkable woman.

I’m human, I reflect.

Life is a gift; it can be taken away, turned upside down and hung out to dry in the blink of an eye. I believe there is yet more consideration to be made than this; something deeper to be scoped.

The shock of this heartbreak has not matured as of yet as this loss of a most fruitful life is beyond tragic.

It is awesomely devastating.

Take a moment and think about the lost life that will never enjoy her golden years with her husband, nor watch her babies grow up and have babies of their own.

Now, think about the life of the one who may have sourced the calamity.

Don’t lose sight of your compassion. Children have it and you too were given it when you were born.

We humans all falter.

This is a request to take a moment to reflect into each of our own lives – how fortunate we are to be alive. It is wise to be mindful of the opportunities presented whereby we may grow that remind us of a must to retire our need for ego and arrogance.

The proceedings in life are more by design than they are by default. That said, a purposeful life has been cut too short but a child helpless and innocent survives because her mother had enough common sense to know that it was necessary to harness her daughter to a proper car seat.

However, a broken family has returned home to Australia to meet the challenge of finding a ‘new normalcy’ and many friends and children have been left to grieve with but no choice to move on.

For many of us, the restful, trouble free, uncomplicated markers that have drawn us to just this side of heaven from the outset, are certainly up for question at present.

Paradise gets interrupted frequently.

Interruptions are a part of living a dynamic life. But there comes a time when one must say, ‘Ahem! The answers do not become clearer by repeating the questions.’

It is greater than momentum and velocity behind the wheel of an automobile as I believe we may very well have it all backward.

We are more reactive and less proactive as a people, very often monotonous and senseless when we should be attentive and courteous. We’re in a hurry to get who knows where (not to discredit that sometimes swiftness as a general concept is in fact necessary).

Why do we frequently have the perception that we are more significant than the person behind, in front or beside? Is it necessary that we move too slow, or too fast beyond what is reasonable? Shouldn’t the purpose of life really be about going fast enough to get somewhere but slow enough to appreciate everything along the way?

Balance should be key in everything we do. If we all walked, talked, thought, acted, reacted, and drove at the same speed throughout life, where would that get us? Where would that leave us?

What is really vital here is that we, as a collective understand that in the grand orchestration of life, our task is simply to balance the extremes whether we are moving quickly or leisurely while paying attention and respecting our lives and the lives around us.

Although there have been vehicular outcomes resulting in tragedy in the past on this island, the message remains the same. We may be hearing but I am not sure that we are truly listening.

Of the few healthy obsessions in life, to be mindful instead of mindless is a beautiful fixation to hold.

A new angle of perspective -stepping up to create, facilitate and educate when the opportunity presents itself is absolutely necessary for forward momentum down the appropriate route.

Mediocrity finds its home in reporting and exposing the findings. Excellence is doing something constructive with these findings for the betterment of all.

Specifically speaking, the next privilege presented whereby we reach for the wheel and tap the pedal, must unquestionably follow great consideration for the reality that we all have families and loved ones that we would like to get home to at the end of the day. As you make your way from A to Z and all the stops in between, pour yourself a cup of gratefulness before you leave, let your right foot take a ‘brake’, retire yourself to humbleness, smile, and allow three in ahead of you. And while you’re living in the present, take a drink from your mug of gratitude, for it may be your last.

Lifeā€¦..Flavour it! Savour it! See it! Smell it! Hear it! Feel it! Laugh with it! Most importantly love and cherish it.

The next time the Caribbean light cascades into a dark room through an opening in your window, bask in the sunshine and smile.

When she was in the same breathing space, this extraordinary humanitarian (and sadly another statistic) that died on our roads Monday, 19 November, made a person feel as though they were glittering in the brightness of the sun’s rays. There was quality to her, an energy that humbly said, ‘You matter to me. You are important.’ In her honour, whether you knew her or not, be the light and the mirror that reflects it; the mindful humanitarian that you were brought into this world to be!

If you have a child, please educate yourself in appreciating that you are not your child’s seat belt! Educate yourself enough to know that a proper car seat will indisputably save a life. Have respect and patience for yourself and the other humans beings that drive, walk, run, bike and stroller along.

Widen your dash, find your inner calm. Be present, be kind and be considerate. It’s as simple and as complicated as that!

You will begin see that your day-to-day experiences will be heightened. Ordinary moments will become quite extraordinary and you may even experience a few beautiful awakenings here and there.

Janis Bacac

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