Taxi driver wins big

A Caymanian taxi driver is now rolling in cash.

Fifty-five year old Kenneth Ebanks of West Bay was in Miami seeking medical treatment when he walked in a Publix Supermarket on 107th Avenue and purchased the winning ticket for the 21 November 2007 draw of the Florida Lotto.

He chose the numbers 04-05-13-31-47-50. He later discovered he had won US$6 million. Ebanks chose to take the one time, lump sum payment for his winnings in the amount of US $3,607,183.56.

Captain Crosby Ebanks, Kenneth’s father did not confirm or deny the report, but referred the Compass to Darvin Ebanks (Kenneth’s brother). Darvin later confirmed that his brother had indeed won the Florida lottery.

He said his phone had been literally ringing off the hook and that it appears his brother suddenly has a lot of new friends.

Darvin Ebanks said on Friday that his brother was not currently in Cayman.

‘Kenneth has been in Florida seeking medical treatment for his back. He has had some serious health issues but it is interesting to see so many of his friends call to wish him well with the lottery and yet hardly any of these same people called when he was struggling with his back.’

It is not known at this time what Mr. Ebanks plans to do with his winnings.

Kenneth Ebanks the taxi driver is not the same man as Kenneth Ebanks the head at the Planning Department. Mr. Ebanks at Planning is still hard at work.

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