Broderick moves up after competitor fails drug test

Agueda Broderick recently represented the Cayman Islands at the WNBF World Amateur Bodybuilding Championship in New York City. She competed in the open lightweight bodybuilding class and reached the finals, placing third. It has now been announced by the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation that the winner of the lightweight class has been disqualified due to her having failed one of their required drug tests. As a result of this, Ms. Broderick has now been awarded the second place position, and the second place athlete has been moved up to first.

‘When I was moved up to second place I was completely overwhelmed and speechless.’ Broderick said. ‘I truly felt my efforts were not in vain and that hard work and being a natural competitor does have its rewards at the end. I think the drug testing is a great procedure to have in place as it ensures a fair competition in proving that all competitors are natural in the sport. I feel proud to be a part of an organization that promotes a drug free life style and knowing that I will have a fair chance to show my hard work off and be judged accordingly as a natural competitor. My next championship will be the WNBF Mr. & Ms. Universe Bodybuilding & Figure Championships here in the Cayman Islands on Saturday, April 19, 2008.’

To learn more about the sport of Natural Bodybuilding, Figure and Fitness, contact the president of the Cayman Islands Natural Bodybuilding Association at [email protected] or 916-5662.

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