Demands of December

How do you start your day? Coffee pre-set to perk at 5am? Alarm set to ring three times to get you crawling out from under the covers?

Today’s meditation from a Louise Hay calendar from a UK friend reads: ‘I make healthy choices. I have respect for my body and for my emotions. I make choices that honor me.’

There may be instant regret in your mind, upon reading such a meditation, about last week’s gin and orange party, Tuesday’s pizza bonanza or the fact that you feel stuck and overwhelmed, unable to get up the energy to get healthy.

Just when you think you might, December rolls in and we have to forget all about being healthy until January 2008. Or do we?

Some practical dietary and lifestyle tips will keep you steady during this time of increased demand.

? Take time to relax. Mentally relax. Find a good place, like a hammock or back porch. Take time every day to sit back and reflect.

? Take food with you when on the go (see previous Thursday columns on getting lunch).

? Justify your indulgences in order to remove guilt. It is Christmas, a time for celebration. The glass of champagne will not wreck your diet; the plate of conch fritters will.

? Practice moderation and portion control. Do you want to be the person walking through the crowd with the highest piled plate?

? Drink plenty of water to get the extra cleansing we need after some of the indulgences (let’s not mention abuses). Drink two glasses of water for every alcoholic drink. Sweet eaters need extra water as well.

? Practice good health and good cheer during the next couple of weeks leading up to Christmas. Give meaningfully to others and to yourself.

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