Dominant Prep had to settle for draw

Cayman Prep’s football teams are having a great season but the two sides had mixed fortunes on Saturday.

The Under-9s thrashed visitors Red Bay 5-0 but Prep’s U-11s had a frustrating time trying to break down Red Bay’s solid defending. Even when Prep did score, the goal was disallowed. In the end they had to settle for a 0-0 draw.

It all started promisingly for Prep as they peppered the Red

Bay goal with shots from all angles and distances. Prep midfielder Coilin Flynn had another fine game and he was marginally ahead of Red Bay’s keeper David Lee for man of the match. Flynn smacked shots in from free kicks, a la Beckham. After weaving through the Red Bay defence many times he just could not find the net. He even hit the post near the end but the rebound came to nothing.

Just before the final whistle, another Flynn shot was parried away by Lee and when Jonathan Walmsley pounced on the loose ball to tap in, referee Neil Murray promptly blew for offside. It was a harsh decision but taken with good grace by Prep. Red Bay’s Gary Watler had an excellent game too and might have scored had he been a little bit more composed in front of goal.

Flynn’s father Sean is pleased with his son’s development. ‘Coilin is good at every sport he tries but football is his first love. I’m really proud of him.’

Cayman Prep coach Peter Anderson was a little disappointed at the result but happy with his team’s performance. He has been coaching them for 16 years. ‘I couldn’t really see why the goal was disallowed but Neil’s a good referee and if he says it was offside I’ll agree,’ he laughed. ‘We’ve got some fine players and credit to Red Bay, they hustled us really well all the time. We had a few good chances but just couldn’t put the ball away today. We drew last week with Triple C but we were poor, today we were much better.

‘Coilin Flynn is our star player and now the opposition are getting on to him and giving him a lot less space. Very talented player. I give him jobs to do and he always does it well. Today I asked him to anchor the midfield and he did it so well and he’s learning all the time.

‘Jonathan Walmsley is a good player but he needs to get stuck in more. He lifts his head up and gets excited. If he kept his eye on the ball more he’d be alright. He does all the hard stuff then fluffs the easy stuff. But he’s coming on and they’re all learning. I think we’ll be first or second in the league.’

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