Christian hypocrisy

The very notion of a censorship committee or by whatever moniker it wishes to be address is ludicrous.

As if the MPAA is somehow substandard in its more than capable and sometimes prudish rating system to ascertain the suggested viewing audience for cinemagoers.

I wish to learn how in whomever’s infinite wisdom would they ever find it emergent to resurrect such an arcane and useless body so as to try and protect people from what they will no doubt manage to achieve any way.

Why does film have to suffer so? With that same rationale, why don’t we censor the Internet? It’s a perfect method wherewith to propagate evil.

Better yet, whey don’t the police just go down to Blockbuster with an electromagnet and erase all of the wonderful and regrettable art therein.

I simply can’t fathom the logic in futile attempts to rob people of their right to do something if they wish to do it insofar as it does not rob someone else of their freedoms.

Is this not one of the core values on which most constitutions in the developed world are based?

Why don’t we, as a community with Christian values, focus on what really plagues our youth.

As a Christian I can tell you that the problems in Cayman really don’t come from a theatre and I think you might know what I’m talking about.

Moreover, as an avid cinemaphile I will not idly tolerate someone telling me what I can and cannot watch. If you can’t educate your own youth adequately and be secure in their discernment of material then no amount of mother henning the system will resolve that.

I also read that they almighty ‘they’ could possibly reserve the right to seize reels and not return them.

Oh how I chuckle at the thought of Paramount or Universal allowing one of their pricey prints to be taken without a fight.

Once again the shameless and repetitive hypocrisy of our Christianity never ceases to both enrage and appal me.

Michael Gillooly

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