Abattoir open through Sunday

The Department of Agriculture wishes to remind all farmers and butchers that want to have animals slaughtered through the government abattoir facility this Christmas to contact the department as soon as possible to make reservations.

‘As the Christmas season moves into high gear, the demands on the abattoir are expected to increase dramatically and farmers and butchers who have not yet made reservations to have their animals slaughtered, need to do so soon to allow the scheduling to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible,’ said Dr. Gikonyo, the Department of Agriculture’s veterinary officer.

The abattoir, which has been operating for the past year, is fully equipped to slaughter cattle, pigs and goats. The past few months has seen an increasing number of animals pass through the facility as farmers become more familiar with its operations and satisfied with the high quality of the service offered.

‘The department is very pleased with the growing use of the abattoir, and we have already received numerous bookings for the slaughter of cattle, pigs and goats this Christmas’ said Mr. Gikonyo. ‘Plans are well in place for the operations of the facility during this busy period and we do not anticipate any problems accommodating all requests from farmers.’

Depending on demand, the abattoir will be operating daily from now until Sunday, 23 December, which will be the last slaughter day before the Christmas break. As deliveries of carcasses usually takes place on the day following slaughter, there will be no slaughtering on Monday, 24 December, as this will be last day reserved for deliveries of meat.

Farmers and butchers wishing to use the services of the facility should contact the department at 947-3090, with details on the number and type of animals they wish to have slaughtered and the preferred date.

The Department of Agriculture offers a full package of services to farmers, including collection and slaughtering of the animals and delivery of the carcass in a refrigerated vehicle to the place of final sale. All these services continue to be provided to farmers at no charge.

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