5 speakers for Business Outlook

The 2008 Cayman Business Outlook presented by Fidelity Group will present five overseas speakers, more than in previous years.

The Cayman Business Outlook, which takes place on 17 January at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, has a 2008 theme of ‘Turbulent Times: Confronting Global Risk’.

Fidelity Insurance Vice President and Regional Marketing Manager Tom Gammage explained why the format for the Business Outlook would be changed to include five international speakers.

‘We were hard-pressed to narrow it down to three [international speakers] as we have in the past,’ he said.

This will be the fifth year for the Business Outlook and the third year the event will be held at The Ritz-Carlton. In past years, the Leader of Government Business has spoken at the event, but that will not happen in the upcoming event.

The featured speakers for the 2008 Cayman Business Outlook include Ian Bremmer, an author and U.S. foreign policy expert who is president of Eurasia Group, a political risk consultancy; Robert Johnson, the director of energy and natural resources for the Eurasia Group; Dr. Elaine Pierce, a leading expert in the field of bio-terror agents and infections diseases; Nouriel Roubini, an expert in the field of international macroeconomics; and Robert Muir-Wood, a world-renowned risk modeller.

Fidelity President and CEO Brett Hill said the key for Cayman Business Outlook has been to find topics that were relevant on a global scale, but also relevant in Cayman.

‘What we’ve learned is to try to keep it as broad as possible,’ he said. ‘We believe that by getting five overseas speakers that are experts in their fields and that cover a broad range of topics, we can interest medical people, realtors, lawyers, bankers – all the professions. There’s something in this for everyone.’

The major sponsors for the event include several companies that have been with the Cayman Business Outlook since the beginning.

Canover Watson of Admiral Administration said his company plans to expand in 2008 and 2009, making the topic of the Cayman Business Outlook relevant to his business.

‘Certainly, this topic in near and dear to our hearts and our interests,’ he said. ‘That is why we’ll be sponsoring at least five young people to come to this conference.’

Ross McDonough a partner of the law firm Campbells, explained why his firm has been associated with the Cayman Business Outlook since the beginning.

‘We consider that it really is the only conference which seeks to provide the bigger picture view of many of the issues which already do, or might in the future impact on the business climate in Cayman, and as such it is or should be of major interest to anyone doing business or contemplating doing business in Cayman.’

Susanna Blackburn of Dart Management said the topic of the 2008 Cayman Business Outlook might not be a comfortable one to talk about.

‘But it’s important that we do,’ she said. ‘We need to be aware of what is happening in the world and what challenges will come up and what opportunities will come up.’

The Ritz-Carlton’s Melissa Ladley said the hotel was happy to sponsor the Cayman Business Outlook again.

‘It’s an opportunity for us to have different people in the community come here an engage intellectually on the various topics,’ she said.

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