Leading fund administrator joins CIFSA

Admiral Administration, one of Cayman’s leading fund administrators, has joined private industry efforts to support the public image of Cayman’s financial services sector by recently becoming a member of the Cayman Islands Financial Services Association.

Admiral is the first fund administrator to join the Association.

The directors of CIFSA, which recently introduced annual membership fees that reflect the size of each member, were encouraged by Admiral’s recent contribution and membership.

‘We are very pleased that Admiral Administration is the first fund administrator to join the Association and to recognize the achievements of the Cayman Islands Financial Services Association to date. We will continue to communicate positive messages about the Cayman Islands financial services industry both locally and internationally,’ CIFSA Chairman, Eduardo D’Angelo P. Silva said in a press release. ‘We hope that others involved in the fund industry will join Admirial in this initiative.’

Canover Watson, Managing Director of Admiral Administration praised CIFSA for its commitment to raise the industry’s profile in a positive manner over the past few years.

‘Admiral is delighted to support the efforts of the Cayman Islands Financial Services Association. We are impressed with its significant work to towards communicating the quality and integrity of Cayman’s financial services industry at the international level,’ he said.

‘Being part of CIFSA allows Admiral to be actively involved and to assist the Association with the development and implementation of its various initiatives both locally and overseas. The recent growth of the Association shows that the financial community as a whole is supportive of the concept and sees the need to inform the misinformed about the jurisdiction.’

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