Poll: Most spending less on Christmas

More than half of the 326 respondents of the most recent caycompass.com online poll say they will send less on gifts and entertaining this Christmas season than they usually do.


The largest segment of respondents – 127 people or 39 per cent – said they were spending a lot less this year.

‘The cost of living in Cayman is too high, so we can’t spend as much as usual,’ said one person.

‘We cannot overspend on unnecessary gifts as there are other things like insurance, bill and more important expenses,’ said another respondent.

‘We only have money for bills,’ said someone else. ‘Jesus is the reason for the season, not gifts.’

Another 54 people (16.6 per cent) said they were spending a little less this Christmas than they usually do.

Just over a quarter of the respondents – 89 people or 27.3 per cent – said they would spend about the same as they usually do for Christmas this year.

Only 34 people (10.4 per cent) said they would spend more this Christmas, with 14 saying they would spend a little more and 20 saying they would spend a lot more.

‘Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, they they’re my wallet’s worst enemy,’ said one respondent.

Another 22 people (6.7 per cent) said they were not celebrating Christmas this year.

‘Christmas ifs for families,’ said one person. ‘If you’re along, it’s not fun to celebrate by yourself.’

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