Electric carts at Foster’s

Foster’s Food Fair IGA has introduced electric shopping carts to its Airport Center, The Strand and Countryside Shopping Village stores.

‘We are very excited about this new addition to our stores,’ Managing Director Woody Foster said in a press release. ‘We recognize not everyone has the ability to move easily throughout our stores and we wanted to enable them the opportunity.’

According to the manufacturer of XTi12, it is the newest and most innovative electric shopping cart available. The cart turns on a dime, making maneuvering through store aisles easier because it actually turns within the diameter of the rear axle. The cart has a rider capacity of 550 pounds with an additional 200 pounds basket capacity, for a total of 750 pounds.

‘This was an opportunity to make the shopping experience of those who have mobility issues moving throughout our larger stores, more pleasurable,’ said Mr. Foster. ‘Our slogan of ‘We Care’ is more than just words, it is the way we approach every customer and we aim to add as many benefits to their shopping experience as possible.’

Foster’s parks the electric carts at the customer service counters at all three stores.

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