Firearms aren’t necessarily necessary

I have never been very fond of firearms as I see so many irresponsible people end up with them; not just criminals, but people that simply have little valid use for them and/or proper use and storage of them.

My feeling is that we have too many firearms in the world and we need to, as individuals and as nations, make attempts to reduce the amount and kinds available to the general public.

Some people have a very valid reason for possessing them and those people should have access.

It’s the people that possess them without reason or appropriate situation that need to have them removed from their possession.

I don’t believe it does a great deal of good to attach a criminal penalty to the possession of a firearm, but some sort of legal mechanism that allows the appropriate authorities to extricate the offending weapon from its owner.

In a small place such as Cayman I can’t imagine any reason why the average person would want need to possess a firearm.

The risk of injuring someone by accident in such a place is just too great. I feel the same way for city dwellers in the US.

Just where is someone going to find a safe place to fire a weapon without potential injury to someone?

It’s time we all did something to reduce this growing menace.

John Mosso

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