Old rivals Scholars and George Town to clash again

Scholars International FC one of the most powerful football teams in the Cayman Islands will face off with rivals George Town in a stiff battle for a place at the finals of the Cayman Islands Football Association (CIFA) Digicel Cup Knock Out competition on Sunday, January 13th at the North Side playing field, 4pm.

The semifinals will be played in two legs, home and away.

Scholars International presently celebrates their thirtieth year of affiliation with CIFA and are the defending champions. They feel very confident that they will take this title for the third season.

If this dream becomes a reality for Scholars they will be the only team to hold this title since its inception three seasons ago.

Scholars has copped the League’s title fifteen times and the FA Cup trophy ten times making them the most feared team in the association.

Scholars has proven to be exceptionally professional in their club structure and has six teams affiliated to the club namely Women’s Under-17 (with three members of the National Under-17 on board), Under -13, Women’s Senior team, Men’s Senior team, Under-23 team and a Masters League team.

The club has weathered the storms of challenges over years and although they have not taken a significant lead in the point standings for this season of the National League due to a drop in the standard of their performances, are at the top and will be digging deep to keep this title.

‘Everyone wants to beat Scholars; therefore it was not easy staying in the top four over the years. Every team wants to beat us therefore we always face a stiff challenge every time we meet any team,’ Head Coach Antonio Smith pointed out.

Scholars will depend on players with the likes of Oneil Taylor, Nicholi Hill, Morris Brown, Carlos Andrade and Jermaine Brown in goal to do the damage.

George Town on the other hand has carved out their niche in the past ten years of their affiliation with CIFA copping the FA League title about five times.

They are is optimistic in beating Scholars finally at semi finals as in the past George Town have always played second fiddle to Scholars.

According to club official Anthony Ramoon his ten year old team has been performing well since the season started and improving at every game, and with the injection of key players who have returned home from college the team will definetly have a better chance to beat Scholars this time around.

‘Scholars and George Town have always been rivals, however, taking in consideration the game played against East End recently one can see that they have improved. The team has been strengthened with the return of Ian Lindo who plays central midfield and Mitchie Williams a left winger’.

‘George Town is definitely looking forward to turn the table this time it is going to be a tough game…….its just a wait and see situation,’ Ramoon said.

Scholars has been playing laid back games recently and had to fight hard to brush aside Future FC at the quarter finals. George Town has been trying desperately to stay on top. It will truly be a wait on see situation come the afternoon of January 13th.