BT park soon open

The fifth of the Dart Foundation’s district parks is soon to be completed.

Work on the Bodden Town community park began in October of this year with a completing date set for sometime in the new year.

Located off Gun Square Road, the new park will incorporate a freshwater pond, which is a sanctuary for birds and local wildlife.

The landscaping is natural style, with much of the original vegetation left in place.

Indigenous and native plants are predominate features throughout the park. A signature feature of all five parks is a coral stone wall which marks the main entrance.

On entering the park there are cabanas for visitor to enjoy, with restrooms located adjacent to the seniors community centre. A cabana overlooking a natural pond teaming with wild birds, turtles and freshwater fish offers a fantastic view of the surrounding community of Cumber Avenue and Belford highway.

A nature trail is lined with native trees such as almond, guineps, mahogany and flowering plants.

In preparation for the handover of the parks to the Government this year, Dart Foundation is also carrying out restoration work on three of the existing parks: Captain George Dixon Park in East End, the Jarold Henry Smith Park in North Side and Scholar’s Park in West Bay.

The Harry McCoy Sr. Park at Bodden Town will open with a family fun day for all.

Starting this year the upkeep of the parks will become the responsibility of Government.

Persons who want to reserve or use a part for a private function should contact the Ministry of Communication, Works and Infrastructure.