Ideas for Turtle Farm

I have two suggestions for the Turtle Farm:

1) Don’t flush the poops. Develop a proper system to strain or settle out turtle poops, ensure the material is treated with UV lights or other environmentally responsible manner to kill any salmonellosis and sell it as fertiliser for ornamental gardens.

2) Remember the value of the repeat customer. For example, return to the annual pass for families.

Create a club for members with different levels of membership and have member’s privileges.

Develop a children’s environmental camp for children and visitors during the major school breaks and try doing a themed family event once each month.

You run one of the only facilities I am aware of that can boast working life guards. How about having the pool facilities used for swim and lifeguard instruction for youth? (Don’t stop there – develop a leadership course including the life guarding skills and environmental education skills and then hand pick your camp and interpretive staff from the best successful candidates.)

So, after all those words, my two suggestions boil down to make profit from poop and keep people coming back (in part, by letting them belong).

Best of luck.

Deirdre Billes