Christmas stamp images sought

It’s time to submit pictures for the Cayman Islands 2008 Christmas stamps.

The Postal Service is inviting the Cayman Islands public to share their favourite Christmas tree memories.

The Christmas 2008 issue will consist of four to six stamps, depending on the quality of submissions.

The lucky candidates whose photographs are selected will have their trees featured on the stamps.

Drawings will be accepted, but photographs are preferred. The image can portray a decorated Christmas tree or of family members unwrapping presents by the tree.

It should be noted, however, that faces of living persons will be electronically altered because no living person, other than members of the Royal Family, can be pictured on a stamp. Having said this, the families’ names will appear on the leaflet so that their submissions will be acknowledged. Another reward for those whose pictures are selected will be CI$25 worth of stamps.

Assistant Postmaster General Marketing Tara Bush reported, ‘We have received four submissions from the public for the 2008 Christmas stamp. This is the public’s opportunity to share their Christmas memories with the world because our stamps are renowned for quality as well as beauty.’

The Stamp Advisory Committee, a body made up of 12 members, will select the pictures that will be used for this issue. If you want to have your Christmas tree considered for a stamp, submit your photos by Tuesday to Philatelic Manager Karen McField at [email protected] or 946-4757.