Child abuse prevention funds available

Hedge Funds Care Cayman is calling on Cayman Islands charities and organisations to apply for funding for child abuse/neglect prevention and treatment initiatives, following the success of the third annual fundraising black tie dinner, Open Your Heart to the Children Benefit’ held at the Ritz-Carlton 17 November.

The sold-out benefit dinner, entertained 360 people and raised a record-breaking US$265,000, an increase of more than $15,000 from the previous year.

‘Watching Hedge Funds Care Cayman grow and enhance its ability to support larger projects has been satisfying for the whole committee,’ said Peter Cockhill, chairman of HFCC. ‘It has been heart-warming to see not only my fellow colleagues in the Cayman hedge funds industry, but also unrelated organisations in Cayman who have become Friends of Hedge Funds Care, rally together to raise the funds to make it possible to launch numerous child abuse prevention and treatment initiatives in Cayman. It is wonderful to see that the financial services community can not only bring huge value to the island economically but also from a humanitarian point of view.’

To receive a grant from Hedge Funds Care, organisations must present full proposals detailing the scope of their projects, which must be on-line with the HFC mission of eradicating and treating child abuse and neglect.

Applicants for this year’s funding are invited to make contact with Ann Garland, compliance officer of HFC for an application and to ensure that the proposal follows Hedge Funds Care vision. Ms. Garland may be contacted at +1 212 991 9600 x 320 or [email protected]. All requests for grants must be submitted by Monday, 11 February.

Following a stringent selection criteria, an HFC Grant Selection Committee will evaluate the proposals and decide on how best to allocate the funds to organisations so that they truly make a difference in the local community.

There are several factors that contribute to the incidence of child abuse and maltreatment today. Substance abuse, mental illness, domestic violence, prior victimisation, and poverty (linked with underemployment or lack of access to employment) are some of the factors that cause family strain and can put children at risk. HFCC is committed to funding activities that strengthen vulnerable families, build community resources for at risk families, preserve the integrity of the family without jeopardising child safety, enhance permanency planning, improve foster care and adoption, and provide clinical treatment to victims as well as support to non-offending family members. Hedge Funds Care Cayman is also committed to enhancing general awareness within the community and increasing the awareness of children to the problem of abuse in order to facilitate disclosure and break the cycle.

Who they are

Hedge fund industry professionals established Hedge Funds Care , a charitable organisation focused on assisting young victims of abuse, in 1998. Since that time, chapters have opened in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Toronto, Cayman and most recently in London. The targeted groups for the organisation include those organisations with interests in hedge funds, including investment managers, investors, prime brokers, attorneys, accountants, administrators and information providers. The Cayman Committee of Hearts has representation by Ogier, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, PwC, KPMG, Walkers, Appleby Hunter Bailhache, dms Management, Citco, Maples and Calder, UBS and Rawlinson & Hunter. For further information about HFCC or how you can contribute visit or contact Denise Gower at 914 1692 or [email protected].