Lose weight – don’t go on a diet


Trying to stick to a diet is hard work and, if you are like many people, you eventually feel like a failure.

This could be because you are attempting to conform and configure your unique self – with your own likes and dislikes – into a formula created by somebody else.

That formula may be calorie counting, carb cutting or counting points. (It is difficult for me to think of an apple as a point! To me, it’s a fruit).

Although the basic universal truth of calories in and calories out is important when aiming to lose weight, developing a healthy and balanced eating style, which includes occasional indulgences, is by far the most successful route to weight loss and staying at that weight for a lifetime.

Learning the right foods to eat is the number one step in successful weight loss. Far too many people know the rebound effect of diets that severely restrict or limit carbohydrates. One slice of bread and a glass of water and ‘poof’ the weight is back.

Eating low-calorie, artificial foods that promise weight loss often leave us hungry and malnourished. That’s because many of these products are processed with little nutritional value and fiber.

Choosing life-giving foods feeds us on a cellular level and satisfies our ample appetites. When we eat healthy, we can eat lots of food. You can learn about healthy eating in the New Beginnings programme, offered through Lifestyles, with Donna.

Self-control plays a major part in weight loss. Self-understanding is the first step in self-control.

The New Beginnings Weight Loss programme enables you to gain understanding into yourself, why you overeat and slip back into unhealthy patterns. It provides ongoing support as you accomplish your goal.

Do you need help in losing weight? Please call for information on the various programmes and services designed to help you reach your goal.

What have you got to lose?