Tiffany supports Humane Society

Tiffany & Co at the Ritz-Carlton recently made a donation towards the ongoing costs of Cayman Islands Humane Society’s Foster Care Program.

The $500 donation, a gift from Tiffany’s head office, forms a continuing recognition by the jewellers of the organization’s work in the community since their involvement in the 2007 fashion show, stated a press release.

The Foster Care Program relies on members of the public to take in infant kittens and puppies alongside adult dogs and cats undergoing medical treatment or surgical recovery.

‘We are always in constant need of supplies such as medication, powered milk formula, crates, food and bedding to supply to our foster parents when they undertake to care for an animal for a period of time,’ said PJ Walsh, Foster Care Co-ordinator.

Foster care provides crucial support to the Society in caring for some of the animals in their protection. Orphan puppies and kittens desperately need constant attention and feeding which cannot be provided at the busy animal shelter.

Volunteers home the animals until they are weaned onto solids and can be placed for adoption at the shelter.

The charity also receives many animals with illnesses, injuries and conditions which they treat but often the dogs and cats require a calm, secure, quiet home to recover in, and again foster parents play a crucial role in providing this environment and care the animals need.

‘We are delighted that Tiffany’s chose the Humane Society to offer this donation to. Our Foster Care Program forms an essential part of our organisation and we’d like to thank Sarah Medlicott, store manager, and Tiffany’s generosity towards the ongoing costs,’ added CIHS President Carolyn Parker. ‘Without this type of support our numerous projects would not be able to survive.’


To find out more about becoming a Pet Foster Parent please contact PJ Walsh at [email protected]