Phoenix lends a hand to districts

The Phoenix Group, once simply a small Caymanian-owned construction company, has seen its share of changes over the past seven years.

From branching out into design/build development (Exeter Property Development), architecture (Icon Architecture) and IT Management (Delphi Information Systems Management) the firm has recently added facilities management to its portfolio with the addition of Condor Properties.

The critical task of managing the various disciplines and the need to create cohesive teams meant that the group had to find common language – a way for the construction field staff to identify with the in-house design team and the office staff with the IT technical team.

That solution was found in an inter-company program that strips away all titles and job descriptions, and simply unites coworkers as friends in aid of those in the community in need.

The programme is called The Phoenix Group Lend a Hand and it is does just that.

Quarterly, the group members donate a Saturday morning in the service of LAH’s programs, the monetary cost which is picked up by the member companies on a rotational basis.

Team members work together cleaning beaches, helping maintenance staff at local not-for-profits, hanging banners etc, before meeting at the Phoenix warehouse for a catered wrap-up lunch, beverages and even some dominos.

A recent event saw Condor Properties sponsor the refurbishment of the Quincentennial 500 District signposts, the coordination of banner production for National Heroes Day and an Island-wide installation of the banners including the installation of new hanger mechanisms.

‘The great thing about this programme is that it’s the employees themselves who make it work. We all volunteer the time and the company provides logistical and material support’ said Peter Kosa of Condor. ‘What is truly amazing is the extremely high degree of participation amongst the group; on many projects spouses and families volunteer as well. It’s great for building a sense of family in the group.’

The programme, conceived by Group Partner Shayne Howe, has been in operation for just over a year.

‘As a group we have always preferred hands-on help to handing out cheques’ said Shayne. ‘We like to work at the grass roots level, careful to avoid sponsoring events that appeal to private or special interest groups. We are about giving something back to the community, teaching our children about public service, and learning to cross the boundaries of our individual roles within the group. It is working. We have a diverse group of people who are growing to really care about each other, which makes coming to work every day that much nicer.’