Today’s Editorial January 22: Be open about cargo dock

The news that Grand Cayman’s cargo dock will be moving out of Central George Town is, well, news.

We agree that the cargo dock should be moved.

Too many of our downtown retailers and restaurants are suffering at the end of the day when shoppers and diners have to contend with the cargo trucks, dust and noise that go hand-in-hand with offloading and transporting goods that come into our country.

Too, as our country grows the need for a larger and more sophisticated cargo dock will come into play.

And if a cruise ship docking berth is truly in our future, it needs to be separate from the cargo dock.

What we don’t understand, though, is why all of the secrecy.

Our cargo dock is and has historically been one of the most critical pieces of our country’s infrastructure. Major changes can’t be done in secret.

The citizens of this country should be told which location is under consideration for the cargo dock and who the investors are.

More importantly, what are these investors getting in return for their money?

We certainly hope the cargo dock isn’t going to be privatized. We already pay dearly for goods to be brought to the Cayman Islands. If we have to pay private individuals to handle our goods at the cargo dock in addition to duty charges the cost of living here will go beyond outrageous.

This government promised us transparency from the outset and we expect it.

The cargo dock is something that affects each and every one of us in the Cayman Islands, and our visitors as well.

We thank Government for telling us that the cargo dock will be moving.

But the scant information given raises more questions than it gives answers.