Micro Matrix expands course offerings

Micro Matrix Skills Assessment & Training Center is expanding its course offerings for 2008.

Micro Matrix offers courses including computer training, business and sales skills training, IT certifications, online training and teambuilding and management.

Micro Matrix focuses on professional development for individuals as well as assisting organisations with a custom designed training plan to address their long term strategic needs.

‘Our courses in project management, leadership, communication and presentation skills training have always been quite popular. However, we are an organisation that believes in constant improvement and people are always inquiring about additional courses,’ said Sandra Catron, owner of Micro Matrix. ‘We clearly want to be able to step up to the plate in that regard and we are very excited about new additions to our programs for 2008’.

In 2008 Micro Matrix will add the ICSA course, anti-money laundering courses, paralegal, banking courses and a wider range of business skills training. Change in the dynamics of organisations has prompted courses in sexual harassment, diversity awareness training and interpersonal and cross-cultural communication development to be added.

‘We are also looking at the option of adding GED and basic skills training in areas such as reading, writing and arithmetic for other people in the community as well. There are a large number of persons who need the most basic of skills and unfortunately have few options currently available to them,’ she said.

Micro Matrix offers a portfolio of more than 800 skills test and behaviour assessments to help HR managers effectively measure job knowledge, skills and abilities in Microsoft Office, clerical, computer literacy, IT, call centre, food services, retail sales, light industrial, accounting, behavioural and legal areas. Using employment screening tests is a new concept in Cayman and still remains largely underutilised, however Ms Catron stresses the importance of these tests to match the right people for organisation objectives and into the best suited position within that company.

Micro Matrix Skills Assessment and Training Center offers a wide range of training options include soft skills and computer training. Contact [email protected] or by calling 623-4600.