Poll: People buying less on island

More than 40 per cent of the 321 respondents to the most recent caycompass.com online poll said they buy a lot less durable goods now on island than they used to.

‘Things are just too expensive here,’ said one person.

‘Who could afford to spend more?’ asked someone else. ‘Not me!’

Another 11.5 per cent of the respondents said they buy a little less on island than they did before.

‘Regardless of warranties, there are better deals off island,’ said one respondent. ‘I bought a Sub-Zero fridge in Florida and saved $2,500 over buying the same fridge here. I don’t need a warranty – what can go wrong with a fridge?’

One person living on Cayman Brac had a different reason for not buying more locally.

‘There’s really nothing to buy on the Brac.’

About 20 per cent of the respondents said they buy about the same amount of goods on island now as before.

Only 7.8 per cent of the respondents said they buy a little bit more on island now than before.

‘With strict baggage weight limits on airlines now, it’s no longer cost efficient to buy a lot of stuff overseas,’ said one person.

‘I don’t mind paying a little more for things here than I do in the US,’ said someone else. ‘But many things cost twice as much or more here than there.’

Just over 20 per cent of the respondents reported they bought much more durable goods on island now compared to before, but none of them made any comments about it.