ACT wants Government cooperation

As the association established to represent the views of the private sector in relation to cruise business in Cayman, we welcome the announcement that there is now movement in the development of a permanent cruise docking facility and relocation of the current cargo port.

This development is extremely important to the long term interests of tourism in the Cayman Islands.

We hope and expect that there will be significant and substantial consultations in relation to the Government’s plans to ensure that these developments are well balanced.

ACT recognizes the need to provide good management of the visitor experience and our membership covers many different disciplines from retail, restaurants to shore excursions and ground transportation.

Many of our members not only have significant experience in Cayman’s issues but also many of the common solutions other jurisdictions have used to improve their own cruise tourism product to a higher level than we enjoy.

As an association, we are in support of the Minister’s statement and see it as but one very positive leap forward for Cayman’s Cruise Tourism.

However, the industry is suffering from a variety of differing external forces and, as a matter of urgency, we now ask Minister Clifford, Government and its related technical teams to meet with us and to pool our collective resources, experience and talents in an effort to establish a joint framework to renew Cayman’s stature as the prime cruise destination in the Caribbean’.

The Association of the Advancement of Cruise Tourism