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Tugboat pushes drifting cruise ship into position

A tugboat helped move a drifting cruise ship back into position in George Town harbour on Saturday.

Verdant Isle selected for cruise port project

The Verdant Isle Group was today announced as the preferred bidder for the new cruise port project in George Town Harbour.

Elections Office: every signature in port petition must be verified

The Elections Office will need to individually verify every single signature on the cruise port referendum petition before a vote can take place.

Campaigners: Threshold met to trigger cruise pier referendum

The Cruise Port Referendum Cayman campaign announced on Friday that it has received enough signatures on its petition to initiate a referendum on the government’s proposed cruise pier facilities.

Moses Kirkconnell: ​Why we need cruise berthing piers

We are at a crossroads in our economy, forcing Government to make an important decision.

​Community groups battle for hearts and minds in port debate

Battle lines are being redrawn over the controversial cruise berthing project.

​Ezzard Miller: The argument against cruise piers

At the heart of the Opposition’s analysis is that despite so far avoiding the bandwagon mentality adopted by so many of our Caribbean brethren who have caved to cruise pressure to build piers, the Cayman Islands has maintained its No. 2 ranking among cruise ports in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Motion on cruise berth referendum defeated

A private member's motion calling for a referendum on the controversial cruise berthing project was voted down by government members after a lengthy debate in the Legislative Assembly.

Government: No cruise pier bid finalized

The final bids from companies vying to build Cayman’s new cruise piers are not due until October and a winning bidder is unlikely to be selected until the end of the year, according to Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell.

Premier foreshadows more immigration changes

Although his annual speech to the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce Thursday was short on specifics, Premier Alden McLaughlin said further “radical” changes to local immigration and labor policies would be forthcoming during his national unity government’s term in office.

Cruise ships skip Cayman amid rough conditions

There were no cruise ships in port Thursday after all four captains decided conditions were too rough to moor in George Town harbor.

Coral relocation for piers to begin next year

The feasibility of relocating live coral reefs to make way for new cruise piers in George Town harbor will be put to the test in a trial excavation next year.

EDITORIAL – The Progressives’ cruise dock plans: Dead in the water

Last week’s announcement by Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell was, in reality, more of an admission: The Progressives government, led by Premier Alden McLaughlin, has failed to carry out what would have been one of its signature projects, the George Town cruise berthing facility.

EDITORIAL – Travel plan: Quality, quantity or both?

In terms of tourism, is the Cayman Islands a “quantity” destination or a “quality” destination?

EDITORIAL – The Progressives’ unfinished business

The clock is ticking on the Progressives administration. In the coming months, our elected government will be subject to intensified scrutiny as to what it has done — and what it hasn’t.

Tourism arrivals increase in 2015

Last year was another record year for tourism in the Cayman Islands, though growth was marginal compared with the rest of the region.

A month-by-month roundup of Cayman’s 2015 news stories

Top stories of 2015 in the Cayman Islands

Morning cruise: Easing Cayman's road congestion

To our readers who may have found their commutes, er, somewhat extended this morning: Have patience, Christmas will soon come.

Pirates land in Grand Cayman!

The pirates came ashore Saturday amidst the sounds of cannon and musket fire, quickly outnumbering the red-coated British soldiers assembled on the dock. Thousands of revelers awaited the landing along the waterfront, which turned out to be a relatively peaceful affair. Peaceful, that is, once the swashbucklers successfully kidnapped the governor – or at least the man playing the part of governor for the annual rite kicking off the Pirates Week parade.

Tourism minister denies port conflict

Deputy Premier Moses Kirkconnell has refuted suggestions of a conflict of interest over Cayman’s cruise port project.

Dock protest draws 250-300

About 250 to 300 people, many of them holding placards expressing their objections, braved blistering-hot late-afternoon sun to attend the protest held at the waterfront across from Cardinall Avenue.

Writer: No to cruise dock

Grand Cayman is a small island, and I believe that the majority of tourists appreciate visiting our islands as they are.

To kill a green iguana

Human beings are notorious for — and notoriously bad at — manipulating Nature to suit their temporal whims. In other words, playing God. Hubris has brought down greater and wiser men than we ...

Missing links: New airport needs jetways

Last week, the premier announced that the government will forge ahead with the cruise dock project. Today, we’d like our readers to turn their attention to Grand Cayman’s “other” port project – the expansion of the Owen Roberts International Airport.

Cruise berthing: A promise kept

The members of the Progressives administration like to style themselves as “a government that gets things done.” On the subject of the George Town cruise dock, they have lived up to that promise.

Government gives green light to George Town cruise dock

Plans for a new cruise port in George Town harbor will move forward, Premier Alden Mclaughlin announced Wednesday afternoon. Mr. McLaughlin said government had considered the environmental and economic implications and agreed to allow the project to proceed to the next stage.

Poem: 'Pier proposals'

"When we peer into the pier proposals" ...

We support the George Town dock

The proposed George Town cruise berthing facility constitutes the largest public works project in the history of the Cayman Islands. The consequences of pursuing, or not pursuing, the dock will be with us for generations.

Positive signs for Caribbean economy

A recently published Caribbean Market Update has offered good news for the Caribbean economy.

Cayman tourism: On cable cars and cruise ships

At birthday parties, on bar stools and around the office water cooler, a popular topic of conversation in recent days has been the idea floated by a Cayman Islands businessman to bring cruise passengers into George Town via a sophisticated system of cable cars.

Consultants: Alternate cruise port sites worse than GT

Consultants say there would be 20 times more environmental damage as a result of the dredging required if cruise piers were built in South Sound or West Bay instead of George Town harbor.

The 'Port Report': 'Omission' or 'Commission'?

The withholding and late release of a section of the cruise berthing facility impact report has left the government open to allegations of manipulation and opaqueness, ironically, amidst a public consultation process intended to ensure accountability and transparency.

Cayman's fear factor must be repudiated and eliminated

There are likely murderers (plural) roaming freely in the Cayman Islands, untried and unaccountable for their homicidal actions. This is directly attributable to Cayman’s prevalent culture of silence and perceived retribution.

Ministry of Tourism on the proposed cruise berthing facility

Minister of Tourism Moses Kirkconnell outlines the proposed cruise berthing facility project.

An argument for cruise berthing facilities

An argument for why the Cayman Islands needs a cruise berthing facility.

Cruise berthing in Cayman: A history of starts, stops and controversy

A historical look at more than 12 years of starts, stops, controversy and failure in the effort to build cruise berthing facilities on Grand Cayman

Cruise piers would trigger further spending

Building new cruise piers in George Town would mean significant further infrastructure investment would be required.

Free expression, not freedom from consequences

Internet stalkers, trolls and other online miscreants, beware: The veil of anonymity presented by keyboards and computer screens offers no legal protection whatsoever for misbehavior in the Cayman Islands.

More cruise passengers: Their impact on Cayman

The proposed cruise berthing facility in George Town Harbour could bring half a million more cruise passengers annually, but can Grand Cayman handle such an increase in visitors?

Most MLAs not ready to take sides

The members of the Legislative Assembly are not yet revealing where they stand on the issue of whether a cruise berthing facility should be built in George Town Harbour.

Port head taxes, berthing fees would fund dock

The exact cost and funding model of building new cruise piers in George Town will be determined through a competitive bidding process if the project gets given the green light.

Stakeholders debate long-term tourism strategy

Stakeholders are divided on the best way to achieve the country's long-term tourism goals.

Survey: Berthing would improve experience for most cruise ship visitors

A survey of cruise passengers indicates that while many would prefer berthing piers, most would not be deterred if they were not put in place.

The dock debate

Cruise berthing facilities in George Town harbor have been debated for so long that many Caymanians were either children or not even born when the issue was first considered. The Cayman Compass Special Report, The Dock Debate, looks at the issue of cruise berthing from a wide range of topics.

An argument against cruise berthing facilities

Caymanian Bo Miller makes an argument for why the cruise berthing project should not go ahead.

Cruise ports expand around Caribbean

Cruise ship arrivals are continuing to increase across the Caribbean region.

Harbor faces environmental impact

Policymakers will have to weigh the value of dive and snorkel sites such as Eden Rock and Cheeseburger Reef against the benefits of cruise berthing facilities.

Cruise statement: Tourism association's self-inflicted harm

CITA threatens to erode its own credibility as an organization that is representative of the tourism industry in the Cayman Islands.

Mixed reactions to CITA cruise dock opposition

The Cayman Islands Tourism Association’s announcement late last week that the majority of its members were opposed to the proposed cruise berthing plan has drawn mixed reactions.

Cruise berthing: Calming Cayman's roiled waters

Before the debate over George Town cruise berthing goes too far off the deep end, let us attempt to steer the conversation back toward calmer waters.

Fiscal prudence: The road not traveled

The stretch of asphalt connecting the Owen Roberts International Airport to Seven Mile Beach ought to be a grand entryway into Grand Cayman. Instead, we have the Esterley Tibbetts Highway. It's ugly. It's dangerous. And it smells.

Online poll: Cruise dock poll gets hijacked

A caymancompass.com online poll asking people’s opinions about the proposed cruise ship dock was subjected to more than 50,000 duplicate votes in a deliberate attempt to skew the results.

Rival group launched to support cruise dock

A new “public information” group has been formed by supporters of a new cruise dock for George Town in an effort to counter a growing campaign against the $150 million project.

Cruise berthing: Where is its proper place?

How, and where, does cruise berthing fit in with plans for downtown, Grand Cayman’s tourism strategy, and the Cayman Islands’ lengthy list of major capital projects and other priorities?

Warning over Cuba emergence

The emergence of Cuba as a rival for tourists and investment dollars will change the travel landscape in the Caribbean forever, industry leaders have warned.

Carnival orders largest cruise ships ever built

Cruise giant Carnival has signed a multi-billion dollar contract to build four “next generation” cruise ships that will each accommodate more than 6,000 guests and are unlikely to use tenders.

Online poll Education, landfill, fighting crime seen as top priorities

When asked which issue the government should spend the most time and money resolving, respondents to a caymancompass.com online poll were almost evenly split between education, solving the landfill problem and fighting crime.

Online poll Most disagree with government spending for Heroes Day food

More than 83 percent of the respondents to a caymancompass.com online poll think it is inappropriate for the government to spend more than $38,000 for food and beverages as part of the National Heroes Day celebration.

EY report six months later

A six-month progress update on the Ernst & Young government consulting report shows slow going.

EY Report: Another one bites the dust?

More than six months after the publication of the EY report, it appears we have another "dust gatherer" in the making.

'Aldenomics': Cayman's economy too hot to handle?

During a recent TV interview, Premier Alden McLaughlin issued what is, perhaps, an extraordinary warning in regard to the economics of the Cayman Islands.

Alternative cruise plan floated for George Town harbor

Plans for a floating cruise dock are presented to business leaders as a credible alternative to dredging George Town harbor.

Customs burns drugs, gun haul

Around $1.5 million worth of drugs and guns went up in smoke Friday in a controlled disposal of contraband confiscated by customs officers.

Capital projects: The proper role of politicians

Elected lawmakers should not be negotiating, agreeing to and supervising the execution of major projects.

Cayman infrastructure fund going on companies register

A private-sector operated infrastructure investment fund will come on line this month.

Turtle Farm report:
 An 'attraction'
 in the tank

Some reports deserve to gather dust on government's shelves.

Report: Turtle Farm ‘unlikely’ to break even

The prospect of the Cayman Turtle Farm breaking even without cutting jobs and scaling back operations have been dismissed as "unlikely" in a report on the economics of the cash-strapped tourist venue.

Year of extremes for tourism industry

Statistics for 2013, released Tuesday, show air arrivals soared to near record highs, while cruise arrivals sank to a 10-year low.

It takes a country to raze a landfill

Fixing the George Town landfill necessitates a coordinated effort that includes all elected members, not just those who occupy Cabinet seats.

As the calendar turns to a Cayman New Year

As the year 2013 winds down, we look forward to our country's ambitions and actions in 2014.

Cruising toward 

Cayman should approach cruise berthing negotiations with its eyes wide open.

Concern over flood threat to George Town

George Town will remain the preferred location for Cayman’s new cruise dock unless it proves environmentally impossible, Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell insisted, amid suggestions that government should consider other sites.

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